dr. Sandor Bernath, PhD, MBA

Sandor Bernath, MSc, Dr.Univ., PhD, MBA

Owner Managing Director

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    Owner Managing Director of FontaMed Consulting Ltd., Telki, Hungary - Rome, Italy (www.fontamed.com)

    Independent Consultant for Kinexum Services LLC, Harpers Ferry, WV, USA (www.kinexum.com

    Director of Development for LipidArt Ltd., Szeged, Hungary (www.lipidart.com)

    Chief Operating Officer for N-Gene Research Laboratories, Inc., New York, USA ( www.n-gene.net).

    Honorary Reader at the University of Debrecen, Faculty of Medicine.

    Accomplished scientist with an extensive track record (42 publications (18 in peer-reviewed SCI journals).

    Experienced in science administration, regulatory matters, medical writing and drug development.

    Prior to founding FontaMed, Deputy Director of Science for Biorex, Budapest, Hungary and Assistant Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience at University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

    Received University Doctorate at Eötvös Lorán University, Budapest, Hungary

    Received PhD from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary.

    Had postdoctoral training at University of Pittsburgh, Dept. of Behavioral Neuroscience, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

    Received MBA degree from Brunel University, London, UK.

    Nature photographer (www.photo.net/bernath)





    * Fontamed Consulting Ltd. H-2089 Telki, Búzavirág u. 16. , HUNGARY * +36-20-975-4994 +39-348-454-9264